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The Pet Shoppe
The Pet Shoppe has a large selection of Puppies.  Each Puppy has it's own small fenced in back yard.  The Puppies are not behind glass or on grates.  We love all our pets and treat them as they would be treated in a loving home.   NO small cubes  for our puppies.  Our puppies are out running, playing and waiting to be hugged and cuddled.  Our puppies are all socialized for temperament and loved by our staff and customers every day.  Our guarantees surpass any other in the industry and go far beyond the state guarantee most stores offer.  No play on words with us we tell you the truth about every Puppy we sell.  You will love us the way our customers do.   Check us out and see for yourself why so many people are so happy we opened in the area.  We bring quality Puppies and supplies to everyone and anyone who need them.  Before you buy  any other place, check us out, I can promise you that you will find the best quality Puppies & honest knowledgeable staff for miles around.  So if you buy a pet from us or not, come in and see what the buzz is all about..
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We have some of the most popular breeds and also have rare hard to find and unusual breeds.  We can special order any breed your looking for, just let us know.
The Pet Shoppe
1284 Highway 35 S
Middletown, NJ 07748
(732) 706-5000